Comfortably and ecologically – our tips for trips by train

Are you tired by everyday driving on your holiday and would you like to rest? Leave the car parked by the cottage and go by train.  

You can travel from Milhostov train-stop to many beautiful places and destinations in the Karlovy Vary region. The journey itself is an experience. The railway leads through the protected landscape area ‘Slavkovský les’ in the direction of Karlovy Vary and it belongs to the most beautiful railways in Bohemia. The section around Bečov nad Teplou with its stone viaducts and romantic views of green valleys and rocky slopes is the most beautiful part of this historical railway.

Where to go by train from Podhorní cottage? For your inspiration we have chosen some of the most interesting stops:

Teplá – 13 min. by train

The extended complex of the Teplá monastery used to be the cultural centre of the region and you can find more interesting information in the recently reconstructed premises. Choose from thematic guided tours for children as well as adults and learn about the life of monks or the history of the impressive baroque monastic library. There is also an educational centre ‘Hroznatova akademie’, which during the whole year organises interesting interactive and educational events for the public. Adventurous characters can hire a motor driven three-wheeler and go for a ride through surrounding magical landscape, typical for its number of preserved historic sites and narrow roads, squeezed into alleyways with hundred years old trees, lining the original routes of the medieval monastic roads.

Bečov – 33 min. by train

A romantic chateau, situated on a high spur gives views to one of the most magical scenes in the West Bohemia. It is especially famous thanks to the precious exhibit of the Reliquary of St. Maurus , now carefully guarded within its premises. The Reliquary of St. Maurus nowadays belongs to the most important and most precious monuments in the Czech Republic. Besides the chateau, you can visit a botanic garden with the first Czech bio via ferrata or the Museum of historical motorcycles and bikes, which also has a permanent display of historical toys.

Karlovy Vary – 75 min. by train

It is not necessary to introduce the largest of the Czech spa towns. Try the famous Hot spring (Vřídlo), walk through the historic centre, explore the secrets of handmade glass and enjoy magical views from many charming viewpoints. Karlovy Vary is worth visiting any time, not only during the famous film festival. There is lots to do for children as well – take them under ground or up to the view tower by funicular. They will be delighted by the Butterfly house or a small chateau, which is dedicated all year round to Christmas.