Where to go on a trip? From Podhorní cottage to the beauties of the Emperor’s Forest (Slavkovský les)

Boheminium and Krakonoš hill

The park of miniature models, Boheminium, belongs amongst the most visited sites of the Karlovy Vary region. You can get there from Podhorní cottage comfortably on foot. The park houses miniature models of important Czech monuments and buildings, made to a scale of 1:25. The view of the jewels of Czech architecture is in a similar perspective as from a window of a sightseeing plane.

Besides Boheminium park, on Krakonoš hill, you can also visit a park with statues of fairy-tale characters, a game park with deer – fallow deer, roe deer and a viewing tower or you can go down to Mariánské Lázně by the cable car.

Distance: circa 5 km
How to get there: on foot, by bike, by car or by bus

Mariánské Lázně

A famous spa town offering many attractions, which is a good reason to visit for at least one day. Besides the wide choice of spa and wellness treatments, it has impressive architecture, a rich history and a wide range of activities for everybody. The most visited place is the famous main colonnade with the Singing fountain and the Cross spring pavilion. Local parks have an abundance of beautiful places, which you should not miss. Walk along some of the walking trails, climb 100 steps to the top of the viewing tower Hamelika or go on the sightseeing mini-train.

If you are traveling with a family, go to the Prelát park, where children of all ages can enjoy playing on the large natural playground. And at the end of your trip, do not forget to stop somewhere for a crunchy spa wafer.

Distance: circa 5 km
How to get there: on foot, by bike, by car or by bus

Podhorní hill

A mysterious hill with two tops will impress lovers of nature and distant views. Podhorní hill is a small extinct volcano and it hides several relics of local ancient volcanic activity. A forest path is lined by large rocky structures and there is also a nature reserve with a small mud volcano and outflowing natural gasses. Most visitors aim for the view point on one of the tops created by volcanic activity and formed into an interesting cone-shape. There are stone steps leading to the top, carved into the rock more than one hundred years ago. From the top, there is a beautiful view of a large part of the Teplá region landscape.

The place is also mysterious, according to the old tales, it was the home of the powerful Rübezahl, an ancient ruler of nature and a protector of the local forests.

Distance: 2-4 km according to the chosen route
How to get there: on foot, by bike, by car


The Premonstratensian monastery was, in the past, the cultural center of the wider region. Nowadays it belongs to the most important monuments in West Bohemia. It underwent extensive reconstruction a few years ago. The Baroque interiors from the famous builder Diezenhofer and the monumental premises of the monastic library belong to the most beautiful parts of the monastery. During the interesting guided tours, the visitors can experience several routes dedicated to children and adults.

Teplá monastery is attractive not only for lovers of history. There are cycle routes leading through the premises of the monastery, suitable also for in-line skating. There is a golf course next to the monastery suitable for beginners as well as advanced players.

Distance: 11 km
How to get there: by train, by bus, by car or on foot


A small village, which used to be an important spa place and thanks to the effort of few local enthusiasts, it is worth a visit even today. You can taste two renovated mineral springs (Gisela’s and Rudolf’s spring) or you can visit places of the forgotten ones – for example they say that the water from the nowadays ruined Vincent’s spring used to be of such a high quality that the German army used to bottle it and send it to the troops fighting in Africa. There is also a small private museum in the village, where you can learn more about the rich history of this place.

We especially recommend visiting two nature reserves, only a few minutes walk from Prameny. Globeflower meadow enchants you with its untouched nature and right next to it is a nature reserve ‘Křížky’ with serpentinite rocks, three romantic crosses on the hill top and a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape.

Distance: 15 km
How to get there: by car, by bike, on foot

Chateau Kynžvart

The classicist chateau is distinguished by its interesting history, unusual collections and its especially beautiful parks stretching out in the vicinity. During guided tours (in summer also in a form of dressed performances), you will see the local curiosity collection containing personal items of important historic celebrities and for example a genuine Egyptian mummy. After the tour, you can sit in a park and have coffee and ice-cream, play golf or walk on one of the walking trails. Do not miss the chance to visit the romantic Forest chapel.

From the chateau, you can walk to the nearby small town of Lázně Kynžvart with a number of mineral springs, children’s spas and a ruin of the medieval castle located in forests above the town.

Distance: 20 km
How to get there: by car, by bike, by train (change trains in Mariánské Lázně)